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  • 30 december 2018
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I am a new client for Proximus(622213949). i ordered Proximus for the first time and i am really disappointed because i placed the order from the store on 7th of December 2018 but unfortunately i have not received any appointment date for installation. i called customer service for more than 10X but they just told me they dont know why the order is not going further. i have been patient for all these days please help me as soon as possible. if i have to pay extra for speed up the process i am ready to do that.

Kind regards

1 reactie

For your information:
I notice that you have already started two messages with the same subject, but from Proximus you will not get a response today on Sunday.
Only tomorrow will they come back to the forum.
Or also on sunday:
From Belgium: 0800 55 800
From abroad: +32 475 15 60 30

PS: other message, > see here