Pickx app on own Apple TV with Epic Light Experience pack?

  • 11 September 2020
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Hi all,


I already have Apple TV and don't need all the 80 channels, can I go for the Epic Light Experience pack and then download the Pickx app on my own Apple TV to watch the 23 channels?

Or does the Pickx app work on Apple TV only if you have the Epic Full Experience pack?




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FYI: Proximus picks on apple TV can be used with any proximus pack that includes TV.

But a month ago, proximus picks didn't work on tvOS14 yet!

So it is better to wait for an official answer from someone from Proximus itself, when they take the thread here.

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@Tomas Rollo  You can download the Proximus Pickx app directly on your TV screen from the integrated App Store.



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