Second SIM-Card for same line ?

  • 4 August 2021
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is it possible to order a second sim for the same contract and use the 2 cards at the same time for Data? 


Thanks !


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To my knowledge this is not offered by Proximus (at least at residential level)

Duo SIM = 2 SIM with the same GSM-nr but they can not be active at the same time

 Two SIM cards with the same number | Proximus


An idee was formulated in the past but it is still not implemented e.g.

Deuxième carte sim pour un même abonnement (par ex pour une voiture) | Proximus Forum

this is also not yet possible with e-sim (This proposal was also made recently )

eSIM is also not compatibel with Proxiduo

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Thank you for your fast feedback, really appreciated!