Port forwarding and unifi USG

  • 19 January 2022
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I have a configuration from my home with a BBOX3 → USG4 → PC. I opened port 81 for testing on the BBOX towards the USG4 IP address, but I can’t see anything on the USG logs.

I’d really appreciate a bit of help as I’m stuck and the tech support from Proximus told me that they can’t help :(

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FYI: there is a topic here on the forum → B-Box3 V+ met Unifi Gateway(USG) opzetten | Proximus Forum

you can also look on  http://userbase.be  http://userbase.be/forum or pose your question there.

Super cool, thank you! The solution is quite simple: Enable PPOE on the USG :)

Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear it's resolved