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  • 28 April 2022
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can anyone help me with  my application?

i apply Flexi Fiber Package at Proximus Stockel but the application was pending for approval.

Application Date: April 14,2022

Order No: R000000110000LVF0A

i don't received any email and the technical team say still checking and waiting for approval.

As i need internet access for my works. appreciate if anyone could help.




Beste antwoord door AntonellaD 3 May 2022, 15:13

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@adiothman There is indeed an issue with this request. Our technical teams are working on it through ticket number IM11869266. My apologies for the delay. Kind regards, Antonella

Hi @AntonellaD thanks for your update. i really appreciate it but i still really need your help to solve my application. i am not sure what are the technical issues and no one can tell me. I need internet access and TV as i need urgent. If there is no stock for free TV then let me know and proceed my installation. Thanks in advance.

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@adiothman I have now requested an escalation of the ticket. If I get any feedback, I will let you know. Kind regards, Antonella

Hi, Thank you for respond. Just an updates. My application on 14 April, and the installer came on 17 May. The physical work done including digging and layout the Fiber Cable to the house. However the Installer unable to finish the work due to technical issues on Proximux. They dont tell me the reason. They need to come again the new appointment need to arrange. He say they will call in a few days but they never call. i call yesterday and they say will get appoint and call in a few more days.

I hope you can ask them why it is delay and make my appointment. I will be out of town and available 1st june onwards.

Many thanks, adi othman.

@AntonellaD  could you help me 👆

Hi @AntonellaD , 

can you check on my application status. At least an escalation of the ticket.

many thanks

adi othman

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@adiothman I got an update that the ticket is resolved and the status is progressed. Now a technician will be sent to do a measurement in the street. You don’t have to be home for this intervention. As soon as the results of the measurement are processed, we will be able to give you more information. Kind regards, Antonella