Bbox3 name service problem

  • 12 February 2021
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I have several PCs connected to Bbox3. When I try to ping a PC by name, I get errors such as: ‘Name or service not known’, ‘Temporary failure in name resolution’, ‘No address associated with hostname’.


Sometimes I can ping a PC by name, and half an hour later it doesn’t work anymore, while at the same time some other PC in the network that used to be reachable by IP only becomes available by name.

I can always ping any PC by IP.


When I log onto the modem, I see the names of all these PCs (although in all caps instead of the way the PC announces its hostname).

In addition, I see PCs that are connected via Wifi mentioned under ‘Ethernet’, and another PC (RPi) which doesn’t even have Wifi is mentioned under the topic ‘Wifi’. So I have the impression that the DHCP server is confused of what is connected where and that trickles down to the name resolution server. 


Does anyone experience the same ?

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what I do know is that the PC's IP does not immediately disappear in the bbox list, after you have disconnected via WiFi eg.

PS: Someone who is from Proximus itself, do not visit the forum during weekends and holidays.

That is not illogical, as the DHCP does not define a ‘sign off’, so it relies on a timeout to remove old IP addresses. The last time that I actually connected by wire this PC that I see as ‘connected to the Ethernet’ is at the very least one month ago. DHCP timeouts should be in the order of hours.

Regarding name servicing, the worst that would happen is that you can ‘ping some-pc’ and that the modems DNS answers with a local IP address, but that your ping says you cannot reach that address.


When I ping from my local network with the device name it works without a problem.

Maybe it depends on which bbox3 you have, e.g. a Technicolor bbox3 or one from Sagemcom or a bbox3V + and what hardware version of bbox you have.

If proximus is aware of this problem, they will provide the explanation on Monday.