ADSL Internet connection problem

  • 21 May 2022
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Good evening

First I would like to apologise for not writing in Dutch, I am still learning.

I am a Proximus customer (I can share my customer id if required) and currently I am having a internet connection problem, my router is the BBox 3v+, I have already called support but no help other then scheduling a technical visit for the 24/05, which for me is unacceptable since my job requires me to have a permanent internet connection.

 The problem is:

  • The Internet blue light is blinking, meaning no PPP connection can be established by the router

Steps already done:

  • Restart the router more than once
  • Checked the DSL status on the router web user interface, the link is ok, so no issues with the link, blue light of the DSL also stable
  • Used myproximus to change the internet (ADSL account) password as stated here: https://www.proximus.be/support/en/id_sfaqr_mdm_pwd/personal/support/internet/internet-at-home/advanced-settings/password-for-your-modem-and-your-internet-connection.html, and also updated the password on the router configuration.
  • Tested to establish another PPPoE connection using the WAN port and a Linux pc with connection timeout

I do believe this is a network issue.

I would like also to point out that unfortunately the phone support was not of any help since they did not knew that a router needs to establish a PPP connection in order for it to have internet connection.

Kind regards

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Proximus collaborators (moderators) will not be on line before monday on this public forum


LEDs of your Proximus devices | Proximus

Internet light, fourth from the leftInternet connection

  • Light on: there is an Internet connection. The login and password of your Internet connection are automatically configured in your b-box.
  • Light off: there is no Internet connection. Unplug the power cable of the b-box and plug it in again. Wait for about 20 minutes.

When you do have a xdsl line the WAN port of the Bbox3v+ is not in use  (= do test PPPoE PC Linux connection via a Bbox LAN port)

I am afraid that in case above LED info will not help you to solve the problem, you will have to contact 0800 55800 technical support to find out if the problem can be fixed without technical intervention at home (or you will have to wait till Proximus collaborators will be on line again on this public forum begin next week)

Eventually if you do have a Proximusmobile subcription Proximus collaborators could eventually offer you temporary some free supplementary data volume