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  • 27 February 2021
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I made a contract with Proximus on 12 December 2020. The installation was made on 23 December 2020. I buy a Flex package that included one Android TV Decoder.

By Proximus error a "normal" decoder was installed.

I complained at the store and contacted by phone several times in the past two months asking for a replacement.

I received (after complaints) and have an Android Tv Decoder  V7, with serial number 279............781.

I returned the "normal" decoder IPV5001 through BPost on 10 February 2021 with serial number 300122842.

Inexplicably Proximus wants I return two more decoders, that I never received and obviously cannot return, with Product ID 16030136 (both) and RMA-number 71701YZTQ and 71701YZTR.

If I do not give back to 6 March 2021 I have to pay € 298

If it was sent by PROXIMUS and I never received it, they maybe have been stolen. If they were stolen, the POLICE must be informed.

Confirm well in your system, which day or days you sent the equipment to me; if it was through BPost what is the registration number and delivery address.

I am waiting for the answer


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The proximus employees will not return to the forum until Monday to help you further .

In the meantime, it is best to post as much private information as possible in your forum profile, while you are logged in to the forum, and put in one of the text fields marked "private, only proximus employees can view this information. Finally click on "save changes" at the bottom left.

→ Fill in /complete Profile data 
 in the box "Ticket (Private)" you can e.g. add additional information if you want.

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sorry for inconvenience

I notice that all equipment is well registered as returned by now.

No extra costs will be charged.

kind Regards,