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  • 3 September 2023
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Hello, i had a question about the 10G modem, What is the Backup Port for and what are the speeds for the red backup and 3 yellow Lan ports ? Also they mentioned it will be having 6E tech but its limited to 6 only, is there a settings for activating the 6E spec? Thank You


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You mean the internet box+ which is not the modem, but the router.

The backup port is when you want to connect a 4G/5G LTE modem so that when fiber goes down it can switch to LTE backup. It is an option you can buy, but it’s expensive. It’s cheaper to buy an LTE modem yourself and a 25 or 50GB sim card.

The wireless only supports wifi 6 which means 2.4 and 5Ghz bands. Wifi 6E would mean an additional band on 6GHz but it does NOT have the hardware for that. It cannot be added/activated.

On the modem there is only 1 10gbe port. All other ports are 1Gbe to my knowledge.

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Proximus souhaite lancer une offre multi-gigabit en fin d'année - DataNews (

Pour cette nouvelle offre multi-gigabit, un nouveau modem sera lancé, supportant des vitesses supérieures à 2 Gbps. Il sera progressivement équipé de Wifi 6E et utilisera non seulement les bandes de fréquences 2,4 GHz et 5 GHz, mais aussi celle des 6 GHz pour une largeur de bande sans fil encore plus large.


Internet Box+ - Relier un ordinateur à l'Internet Box par câble (


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@Cemilaw You have one yellow 10GB lan port and three yellow 1GB lan Ports.