I never got any connection

I was helped my friend to book the internet connection booking appointment.Later i come to know he also booked.I forgot to cancel .So i got bill in my mail and paid 69 euros.(I never got anything.but still i apid).


Past 2 days i am started again getting mails that i have some prodcts in cart.How to remove all this.I dont need anything.even i am not in that address also.I told this last month to customer care.In their website no where mentioned any support mail id.


Can anyone help me on this

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FYI: you have already contacted the booking company for this, and you don't get a response.

are you sure that it is not a phishing mail that you receive

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@bvijaycom Regarding the bills I have made case number 48103301. A case manager will contact you.

Best is to remove your products from the chart so you won’t receive any mails.

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@AntonellaD valt dit onder M-pay (diensten door derden) misschien?

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@Martin Nee, dit valt onder eenmalige kosten wegens een laattijdige annulatie. Groetjes, Antonella

I just received again 69 euros bill. with the mail subject Your payment statement in favor of 20210430 with number 7193187420.


I am totally confused. I am not sure what sort of process.I never got a connection even I never been to that address. I just helped one of the friend. I already paid the late registration cancellation fee also.Still, I keep getting the bill which means do I need to pay my whole life without connection ?.

I searched support mail id in the website and i couldn't find any such mail id.

Many of your emails are coming from no reply mail id. Is there anyone who can help me with the correct support mail id or any escalation mail id?

Can anyone help me to get the right support mailid. Normally any supported website should be displayed with a support mail id. But I have searched almost all the places on the Proximus website and no such support mail id.


Last month I have called Proximus customer care and had a very long call. Post that call I even paid. But still, I am getting bill mails. Just 10 mins back  Your payment statement in favor of 20210430 with number 7193187420. mail I received with 69 euros.


I am not sure what sort of process here in this subject.


Can anyone help me on the right escalation process here.

Any help on this much appreciated. If there is a mail id then I will share the paid transaction details from last month.I want to know why such a huge business website not at all having any support mail id.

FYI: during the weekend no one comes by here who is from proximus itself.
You can call the Proximus helpdesk during the weekend, but since today is a public holiday, the billing service will also be closed, I think. But you can always give  a call.

Thanks, Martin for timely help here. I tried to call a couple of times yesterday at 080022800. The issue is the IVR only speaking in FRENCH or DUTCH. There is no English option in IVR. That's why I keep looking for a support mail id to get some help. I will wait till Monday and will see is there any possibility to engage someone from Proximus support.



FYI: I find this on their site 

From Belgium:

0800 55 800

From abroad:

+32 475 15 60 30

Opening hours

From Monday till Friday, from 8 am until 8 pm, Saturday from 9 am until 5:30 pm. Closed on Sunday and bank holidays.

Lost or stolen mobile: we'll block your card immediately, 24/7

Ref: → Contact our customer service | Proximus

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@bvijaycom  The last document of € 69 that you received is a credit note. That means that the previous bills were cancelled en you will receive a refund of € 69. The case manager left you a voicemail message on 30/04 to explain this. Kind regards, Antonella