can not connect to public hotspot with windows 10

I can not connect to public hotspot with windows 10. I have 2 laptops. One of them is not connecting. I make all updates and troubleshoot but still can not connect in public hotspots. Is not about the limit of equipments with the same account. I try to see any problem in services of wifi adaptor but this I don’t understand what to do. Can somebody tell me what I should do? Thank you!

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can you choose the wifi SSID Proximus Public Wi-fi and if you choose it are you asked to give your Public wifi logins.


I checked the box “connect automatically” and clicked “connect”. Than start “checking network requirements” and after 5-6 seconds the list of available networks disappear  and the

wifi card turns of for a second and the list again after second comes back but the one I choosed to connect is still selected but says “can’t connect to this network”.

this what you say normally should come after but before to offer me to put login details come the message “can’t connect to this network”

i was doubting that some virus problems or something wrong with the latest update of windows 10 and for this i reinstalled again the older one version of windows 10 I have (version 1809) which earlier was working with this computer and other computer also the 1809 and the updated 1909 but again immediately i installed fresh windows and in this procedure when computer asks you to connect to internet again I gave to connect with proximus hotspot since computer is still clean, again was not connecting. The drivers are ok (as i know) in device manager and also this computer connects with other wifi.

@m.kola I don’t know if you can find some solutions here :


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Does it work with a smartphone or other device?

If you search the support or community of the brand and type of your laptop, can’t find there any solutions.

you have also the same problem as when you go on your local wifi network at home or only for the proximus hotspot.

I have checked in google before to come here but couldn’t find any solution. To the website of Sony Vaio for model VGN AW41ZF I can not find better than here or to Microsoft fir Windows 10 but still also there can not find better solution than here as it is Proximus the internet service provider and not international but only for Belgium and the parameters of internet service providers are different from one to another. So I hope I will find the solution here.

My computer can connect to other home networks and to phone hotspots but not Proximus hotspot. Also I can connect other equipments to this hotspot but this computer no. I just opened my computer and unmount and mount again the wifi card from motherboard and still the same., can not connect to this network.

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You can also try the following troubleshooting steps: https://www.softwarebattle.com/windows-10-cant-connect-to-this-network/ and here : https://windowsreport.com/windows-10-cant-connect-this-network/ (you don’t need to use tweakbit driver updater that is just advertising).

But if I understand it correctly, it is only with Proximus public wifi hotspot that it does not work, no?

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When you read his opening post he said this: I make all updates and troubleshoot but still can not connect in public hotspots. But I agree it is a bit contradictory  because in a later reply he said this: but not Proximus hotspot


I relied only on what TS quoted here last:
“My computer can connect to other home networks and to phone hotspots but not Proximus hotspot.”