New install - speed problem

  • 10 December 2010
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I purchased Internet Intense just over a week ago. The website gave us a green light.

Just got the modem set up and speed is 20/2 instead of 30/4.5

Should I call helpdesk? Here are my modem statistics from VDSL2 modem tool

My username is fc909732

If I really can't get Intense then I just want to make sure I'm not being charged for it. But it would be great if this was just a provisioning problem.

many thanks!

************************* VDSL2 modem tool 1.6 *************************
download upload

line: 25008 kbps 3104 kbps

payload: 20056 kbps 2040 kbps

max line: 64484 kbps

max payload: 52408 kbps

bands used: 2 1

bandplan: 8D

training: 21.9 dB

loop length: 383 m

near end: 861 m

far end: 392 m

avg. length: 545 m

snr margin: 20.1 dB

attenuation: 16.9 dB

avg. margin: 21.1 dB

avg. snr: 38.6 dB

forecast max line: 98550 kbps

forecast max payload: 79935 kbps

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those signals aren't bad but it's a repair profile 25 en 3 doesn't exist

it's 20/2 or 30/6 if you live shorter than 400 meters from the street divider.

Beside they don't guarantee the speed you can ask internet intense even on an adsl profile of 4 the only thing you have is no limit then. The speed is maximum 20 i think but it depends of the region you live in and the technology you receive.
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Your are on the 8D bandplan. To benefit from the 30Mbps profile your line need to be upgraded to the 17a bandplan.

Belgacom is in the process of enrolling the new bandplan for the lines that do meet the specifications (max 400m to the ROP and some other measurement are taken into account). Due date is december 31st.

If you're still on 8D in the beginning of 2011, most likely your linespecs are not allowing the new bandplan. In that case you can consider to downgrade your subscription to 'favourite' with the option 'unlimited' if you do need >100GB.
But the you have limit of 100gb a month intense is no limit and he already has a profile of 30 provisioned the modem says 25 and 3 and that's a repair profile for the 30mb lines so either there is a problem with frequency that it's not stable for the 17b or otherwise you have shitty cables under the ground
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2 hotgun:

The posted profile is NOT a repairprofile and for sure NOT a 30Mbit profile (8D bandplan) !!

Line rate 25/3 = payload rate 20/2

Based on the distance only, the upgrade to the 17a profile is most likely not possible...
If it's not repair profile for a 30mb line then they should adapt their comments on the support line for the technicians because each answer you get there that a 25 is a repair for 30
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@hotgun: there is a difference between line rate and payload rate.

But if you do have other information, I'm eager to learn!
Wow, thanks for all the answers!

Okay bummer. I'll wait for January and see what happens I guess.

hotgun: Yes, it's a bit of a problem if I have to downgrade to Favorite or Comfort because of the monthly d/l cap. It's not my fault the equipment can't handle the signal :/

I was also curious about the difference between line rate and payload rate. I assumed the line rate was the media speed (including framing information) where the payload rate was at the TCP/IP level. I've pasted my speedtest result below.

Also, it would be nice if when ordering, the pre-sales line test was more reliable :)

Cheers from Brugge!