NO RESPONSE FROM PROXIMUS: Sweage water leakage in my kelder after Proximus fiber work on the stree.

  • 10 July 2024
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Sub: After Proximus fiber street work, I got sweage water leakage at my kelder. Still no action taken from Proximus.


Finally I fixed the issue with my insurance company, And now I’m checking proximus whether they accept this cause and NO RESPONSE.

April2024: My eMail reply to proximus person

Thanks for reaching me finally. 

Proximus did the street work during the first week of March.

We rarely used the Kelder, I noticed the leakage at the end of March and reported it via phone calls multiple times and the Proximus shop helped me to register this complaint. 

This is somewhat urgent. The leakage becomes worse and smells bad. Please do the needful at the earliest. 

For availability, Thursday 25 April would be easy for me. Please do the needful, thanks for your understanding.


Someone helped helped me to escalate this, and here is my reply email to him 16-May:

Subject: Re: waterschade aan de kelder na werken proximus
Greetings for the day!
But my situation is becoming worse. I have attached the latest images of the current situation. It makes a bad smell and fills over all the kelder. 
It has been set to high priority before two weeks. Kindly reach out to me and send some one to fix this by today PPPLLLLLSSSSS.
I literally don't know whom to approach to get this fixed at the earliest.


And here is my email after the fix by insurance company 5-Jul:


No one turned from Proximus to look at the issue. 🙁


And now I fixed the issue via my house insurance. 


And now the thing is the franchise 250euros has to be paid, could you please take action on this? Since the leakage happened due to/after the Proximus street work for the fiber installation. 

Kindly please let me know if you can provide me some information to proceed.



And this is how you treat the urgent issues ? Between, someone told me to switch to fiber then the person will come and I ask this issue with him. When I asked for fiber they gave appointment after a week, but the person came next day to fix fiber. When I ask him about my leakage issue, He said its not his job another team :(  And my followup continued with proximus.


I'm unsure who this topic will reach out to but please help customers!!!



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It is not recommended to post all this private information on a public forum where everyone can read everything, if necessary. to prevent abuse, but in your → Forum Profile. In the text field "Ticket (Private)", you can  information (e.g. specific/private information regarding your question). It is also best to fill in/complete as much information as possible in the text fields marked "private", these can only be read by Proximus employees themselves.

Finally, click on "save changes" at the bottom left.

Also report here as soon as this has happened.

PS: Within an hour after you have posted your message, you can edit it by clicking on the three horizontal dots above at the bottom of your posted message and choosing “Bewerk” (Edit) to delete/partially change your private data, otherwise you can this will only be done by a Proximus employee (moderator).

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Your file is being processed.

I know the colleague who is looking for the right contacts.

Unfortunately, they don’t respond quickly, but we continue to negotiate

sorry for the inconvenience.




“they don’t respond quickly” I know this very well, even when I said the sewage(Toilet, shower, etc) water was leaking at my Kelder, they responded to me over the phone two weeks one different person. And still, no one visiter my house to look at the issue.

Now, the problem is fixed my question is about the franchise payment for fixing this issue. I can imagine how long I need to wait for their response.

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I put a copy of your message in your file for my colleague.