Roaming werkt NIET

Dear Proximus,

My roaming in EU - Outside Belgium - does NOT work although all my setting are correct. (Phone nr: 0476063707)

I have been told by a Proximus store that my roaming is BANNED and as I have a mobile corporate subscription, I need to contact to my employer. However, my employer says that it is not blocked in the system and it is a package for EU, so it should work perfectly, but it doesn`t.

Could you please check this issue and remove the ban if it is the case? And if not, could you please advise what to do how to solve this so I can have roaming in EU.


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Yasemin, if there is a barring on a number that is owned by the company where you work for, the person who is responsible for that (in your company) has to contact Proximus (or the account manager if the company has one) to delete the barring. Kind regards, Charlotte