Wrong information about BIZZ MOBILE UNLIMITED in 3 places. What is the right one?

  • 4 April 2022
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I am making this post regarding a conflicting information about the BIZZ MOBILE UNLIMITED 5G 40EUR package.






Moreover in the mobile app it gives even another information: 35GB in Belgium and 25GB in EU.




So my question is how much data is included in Bizz mobile unlimited 40EUR package in EU (Not In Belgium)??


Is it different for existing users than new one’s or they are such amateurs that they just forgot to update the information??

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  • Data:

    In Belgium and in the European Union: each month you get 60 GB at maximum speed via our 4G and 5G networks. If you use more you’ll be surfing at reduced speed (maximum 512 kbps) without extra cost.
    Kind regards, Antonella



This is the information that it gives if you are not logged in.

But when you are logged in it is showing you another information (40GB, instead of 60GB).

On the mobile app it shows even more different information.

Please read my post attentively and see my screenshots. I can read that it’s 60GB, but when I am logged in it is showing 40GB instead.

Is that just a bug on the website? 

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I tried with and without login (using Chrome) and got same results… 
I cant check the bizz app on my mobile as a Res customer… 
so I’m sorry, we can’t find further explanation…
Kr, Tina


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@whatever61 I can only see 1 of your 3 screenshots.

Checking your bundle, I see the data is correct.

Kind regards,