Voice Phishing

  • 18 February 2022
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In the past two few weeks I’ve received 2 phonecalls from mobile phone numbers (looks like Proximus prefixes), that are clear attempts at Voice Phishing. I sent a report to Proximus about this, but never heard back. 

The numbers are: 0478406389 and 0474767560

Can anything be done to avoid anyone else getting a call from these numbers, to avoiding someone possibly falling for it?

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FYI Common Reference Database Centre (CRDC) for Number Portability

maybe spoofing numbers ?

Blocking these numbers may not help as spoofers simply change the number one sees on his telephone.


The only solution that may help for you is: in your phone (contacts app) block the numbers for you personally. Proximus or any other Telecom operator can not do anything about it.


Consider this. I get a spoofer on the line that uses your number and ask Proximus to block it for everyone. I don’t think you would like that :wink:

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@LKBack Unfortunately I can't do any research on these numbers because one is from Telenet and the other from Scarlet. Kind regards, Antonella
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