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  • 4 February 2024
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Dag iedereen,

I don't have signal on my mobile phone since Friday (3 days now). I tried for hours to contact Proximus online, via telephone, and I went to their physical store. No solutions, everyone points to the basics, like "restart your phone", "change the SIM"…  yet no concrete solution. I tried my SIM-card in another phone and it shows "Not registered in the network", but my subscription payment is on time and everything looks correct on My Proximus online… I also tried other SIM on my phone and then it works well. It's very frustrating since the problem is related to Proximus and not to my phone. Anyone has any idea what is going on?

thanks, regards,



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The Proximus  employees will pick this up tomorrow.
They however need to have the necessary info.

Has your forum profile been updated with the necessary information? Here's how:
While you are logged in, click on your avatar in the top right corner (the colored dot with the "R" ). The text fields marked "private" can only be viewed by employees. In the "Ticket" box you can also put additional information if you want. They need for sure the problematic phone number.
Finally, click on "save changes" at the bottom and post here that you have done so.


Hi Patrick,

Is that the case in your experience? because every time I contacted Proximus, the attendants came with a new test/idea that I should try, but no concrete "solution" and then I have to wait quite some time to get contact again. And I'm being constantly redirected to different people/departments/stores, but unfortunately nobody knows what to do. I'm a teacher and cannot access my teaching materials online or making payments with its me. I lost my Friday afternoon, weekend, and now this morning trying to find a solution, but it's ambiguous what is going on behind the scenes and whether my situation will actually be addressed. I don't even know how much the "IT expert team" knows about my problem because I don't know what is registered at every time I talk with someone. In the store, for example, the guy just changed my SIM-card and when I asked what to do in case it didn't work, he said "I don't know, it will work within a few hours".

cheers, Luis

my profile is updated.

Hi Luis,
We just have to wait and see what the moderators here can do for you.

Experience tells us many problems are solved here, not in the shops, not by telephone to the helpdesk.
So fingers crossed! 🤞

Ok, thanks for sharing that advice!

Meantime, it’s waiting for someone to pick up this thread.
Unfortunately, there is nothig else you/we can do. So hopefully tomorrow.


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@Rocha Did you already get a new sim card? 

I tried a new sim card and it did not solve. But it is working now, despite new problems with my subscription. It is very difficult to communicate with Proximus…


You can always submit your problem here so that the PX forum moderators can help you further.


Because the PX forum mods might be able to help you further and provide more information if they pick up the thread again here:
Write down as much (private) customer information as possible in your → Forum Profile (while you are logged in) (if this has not already been done).
In the "Ticket" field you can enter specific/private information regarding your question if you wish or are requested to do so.
Private fields are only visible to Proximus employees! Finally, click on "save changes" at the bottom. Report it here as soon as this has happened.

@Martin zie hoger 😜
Ik heb dat al geschreven en het profiel is al aangevuld.


Excuse me for asking you again to complete your forum profile, I had not noticed that this had already been asked by : 

@Martinzie hoger 😜
Ik heb dat al geschreven en het profiel is al aangevuld.

But you can always submit your new problem here so that the PX forum moderators can help you further. 

By mistake, I clicked and chose one answer as "best answer"…. but I actually want to thank everyone for the feedback and comments.


FYI: Proximus Moderators can remove the best answer if you wish, then you can choose which answer you want to assign it to.

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@Rocha Is there something else I can do for you?