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  • 21 November 2023
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Hello and good morning,


I am unfortunately in the same position as several other users concerning the opening on the port 443 to expose an internal company webserver to the internet.

I have tried for several days and contacted telephonic support multiple time. 

This is what i have done:

  1. make sure that in MyProximus the settings are in Advanced Mode. (as stated here https://www.proximus.be/support/en/id_sfaqr_ports_mapping/personal/support/internet/internet-at-home/advanced-settings/port-forwarding-on-your-b-box-or-internet-box.html)
  2. disconnected the box several times for long periods as advised.
  3. added the ports in Access Control - Port Mapping:
  4. I have also made sure that the internal host is in the list of hosts with static ip.

  5. I have rebooted several times the box

  6. Made sure that the 443 port of the Remote access in on the OFF position

  7. checked with many tools, including nmap and https://canyouseeme.org/ 

  8. made sure there are no internal firewalls

but the ports remain closed. 

I supposed it was a problem of the Box HW firewall, as several other users have reported, and someone from support sent me a box with new hardware. It is the BBox 3v+ 

Hardware version changed from 2.1 to 3.2 but still all the problems noted above persist.

I am familiar with networking configurations and i believe i have followed and checked all the informations on the forums. I am also convinced that the opening is possible, since Proximus confirms that and other users could make it work:  https://userbase.be/forum/viewtopic.php?t=63255


I would like if possible to be put in contact with a Proximus network admin or technician to get some help. My company really needs to have this internal server put online for our customers. 


Please let me know,

Kind regards,


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