• 30 June 2021
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Good Day

for All Proximus Bosses,

 Just got an invoice with 4 payments for demon games this month JUNE 2021.

28/06/2021 04:40:33

Demon Games 080020567


4.12 €

21/06/2021 04:41:01

Demon Games 080020567


4.12 €

14/06/2021 04:40:29

Demon Games 080020567


4.12 €

07/06/2021 04:40:33

Demon Games 080020567


4.12 €

 Services third parties Last transaction date: 28/06 16:40

a very common problem for Proximus clients nowadays, DEMON GAMGES fraud spam payment out of your account.

I never request this service and therefore do not wish to pay for it.

The friendly Proximus complaint employee  informed me over the phone that this was beyond his authority to block this spam fraud activity on the complete proximus system, so other clients can't be cheated by this demon game company.

Where does this DEMON GAME authority know my mobile number ?

Who authorized this demon game to take money from my proximus account. ?

I assume since Proximus has also succeeded in passing on this data to malicious companies). GDPR doesn't seem right to me at all & the fraud company is using my data behind to billing me.


I complained about this matter to  PROXIUM call center 10 days ago when I saw the first Demon Game bill for EURO 10 app, she says that she will block these DEMON GAMES on my mobile number and she says it looks like SPAM fraud going on by this company via my PROXIMUM APP.

Today 30th July 2021 , I complain again, when I say that my Bill Increase with this DEMON GAME for EURO 19.98.... which game I never play & which company i never sign any contract / even age of 54 do you think i will play this kind of game on my mobile at morning 04.40 a.m Early morning  see the billing &  activities ?


Proximus Bosses “must understand this SPAM FRAUD COMPANY DEMON GAME” must be blocked from all activities via Proximus payment direct debit system from client bill.

( If anyone wants, he can go online and pay with his credit card to play these games........ why using my Proximus direct debit system with this SPAM fraud company )

Proximus must act as a leader in the phone industry and lead the way in the fight against this kind of abuse : fraud / spam IT companies to block in his app / all payment systems to save clients  money as victims for these kinds of scams.

This DEMON GAME  to BLOCK OVER PROXIUM ENTIRE system is very easy and is his hand of IT Proximus Hand....  But, they don't want to do it, this answer they might know why ?

This SPAM company can fraud any time with any new clients of Proximus.

Hope, i will get my payment back from this DEMON GAME & block this entire system in my Proximus app & account.

I never gave my phone never to DEMON GAME company, I never went to his website & I never played any DEMON GAME in my life even..... this case why we complain direct to DEMON GAME company, who passing this information & who they activate as client without even sign any documents, is pure 100%  spam fraud company look like only.

Best regards


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Hello @Ajit JAIN complaints case 48541212 is already in treatment, the correct department will inform you. You can contact Demon Games for more info about your payment statements via or 0800 20 567. Kind regards, Heidi


when I don't sign any DEMON GAMES, then why do I complain directly to them ?

Who is taking money out from my account - proximus ?

Who says I played the game - proximus ?

When I never sign any contract with these DEMON GAMES, on which basis do I complain directly with them ?

All SPAM GAME FRAUD going on, who authorizes this company on proximus app  anywhere / giving advertisement permission on my app account ?


When I saw the same problem with these DEMON GAMES spam payment issues, people complained for the last 2 years and this company still continued doing the same things.

Blocking / Cancel third party contracts to pay via proximus account to  DEMON GAME , is the hand of proximus….. when you block this company for direct charges by proximus account, in all life you never get to complain for any further client.

I am a proximus client just last Dec 2020.

Before, I was a client of BASE for the last 20 years, they never had this kind of SPAM fraud problem in all my life, they blocked SPAM companies from activating from his app for direct payment.



( If any one need to play game, pay via visa / mastercard to choose his game, so other can saved with this SPAM fraud web shop )


Hope, you can solve this problem for life time issue to block the contract with direct debit for all gaming company's. 



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Demon Games has to prove you agreed with their service, if not they have to cancel these charges: Kind regards, Heidi