Bills, overcharge and complaints abroad

  • 28 October 2021
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Already sent multiple emails email but I am being bothered by your notifications and it is annoying to enter the website of proximus and have the "all is in order" and then over in "bills" to say I owe quite a lot.


Already made 2 complaint 49262635 and 49296999 but no answer for over a month.

This seems to be a saga and a mountain of errors being done by your services including a total lack of coordination between departments.

You will find a very long complaint regarding the current status of the bill due to gross multiple errors by your operators which were recognized and in theory solved. I called your services given that the bill sent to me was supposed to have been modified and till this day it still is wrong. I received emails saying that it was left unpaid and I could face additional fees if I did not pay it. I actually did send the amount indicated by the customer service in the latest conversation we had of 0.24€ as you can check in the logs or recordings of said call. I have not received any acknowledgment of that payment.

To this day, both numbers that were previously under subscription and moved into prepaid do not have any signal except for certain times of the day and to receive messages from proximus to pay this or that or to acknowledge that I did top-up but besides it, I do not have any network.

Do get this solved once and for all as I do not want to keep getting reminders to pay something I am not supposed, rightfully so, to pay.

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@joaocosta  The cases were not linked to your customer number, my apologies. I’ve made the link now and asked for an escalation and urgent treatment. I’m very sorry for the delay. Kind regards, Antonella