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  • 20 February 2023
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I made an order for an S23 ultra on 10/02 but I've yet to receive any information about the delivery. Would it be possible to provide an update on the order? R4WEBSHOP016961838


Thank you.

4 reacties

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We ll check your order.  there is a case 52088690 to handle your request.

they will inform you

Kind regards,


Hello, I received my order correctly now, so thank you that.

The issue is that I received the delivery note with the order date of 22/02 - as I understand my original order was lost. The problem is that given that date I no longer apply for the trade-in bonus (https://www.samsung.com/be/promo/proximus-trade-in/) even though my original order was made in the valid period.

How should I proceed? As I need the following document to complete the process:


Een volledige, leesbare kopie van uw geldig pre-order of aankoopbewijs van je nieuw toestel, inclusief vermelding van:

- de naam van de winkel/webshop waar het nieuwe Samsung-product is gekocht;

- de aankoopdatum (deze datum moet binnen de promotieperiode vallen).


Thank you and best regards.



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payment date in the order is still mentioned as 10-2-2023.  this counts, not delivery date?

Can you try? 

kind regards, 




@tina.b ok, will try. thank you.