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  • 10 March 2022
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Ik zie hier op het welkomstscherm van mijn GSM plotseling staan “stop invasion”. Mag ik vragen dat u mijn GSM niet gebruikt voor uw BigBrother waardeloze feel-good propaganda?

Waarom zie ik daar nooit staan: “stop Palestine killings”, “stop Venezuela Sanctions”, “stop killing Yemenis”, “stop Syrian oil theft”, “stop Afghanistan treasury theft”, “stop Iran Sanctions”, “End Saudi dictatorship”,  “stop Cuban blockade”, “stop donbass killings”, “stop nato expansion” of “stop american imperialism”?

mijn gsmnr is 0476******   Gelieve uw hypocriete propaganda weg te nemen.



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8 reacties

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het spijt me dat deze actie niet in goede aarde is gevallen

De netwerknaam "Proximus" zal zondagavond weer op de schermen te zien zijn

Ik geef de feedback door aan de betrokken dienst

ps: je gsm nr heb ik in je profiel ingevuld, best geen privégegevens openbaar :-)



I have the same problem but I see now that I posted my question in the French version of this forum (so I add it below).


How can I remove the statement "stop invasion" from my mobile phone front screen? I'm unhappy with the war but I believe I must have the freedom to decide whether I want to walk around making statements regarding wars…. This should be optional not enforced to all consumers.

Different people have different reasons to make political statements, and this must be respected.

Anyways, I do not want to have discussions about the war, support, etc… I just want to remove this message from my front screen, ideally without stop the subscription to Proximus…


I tried to ask proximus via different channels on how to remove the message and didn't get any answer. When I managed to get a response via webchat about the non-compliance with GDPR, the attendant quickly deleted it.

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Hello @Rocha the message has been changed. Kind regards, Heidi

@HeidiE . Proximus launched a 1week campaign, proximus ignored my messages for 1week, and once it is done proximus come back to me to say that things are back to normal?

You must take privacy seriously and not fool customers. This behaviour did not refrain me to complaint to authorities that you abused privacy and did not respect the GDPR.

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Dear @Rocha you can contact our Data Protection Officer via the website: Legal warnings for private and professional customers | Proximus or by mail: privacy@proximus.com. Kr, Heidi

Thanks but at this point, it is better to fill a complaint to the authorities.


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Misschien dan wel in één van de drie landstalen…….:thinking:

It must be hard to have low self-esteem...