Manually enter DNS address on B-box 3V+ modem

  • 29 mei 2018
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Does anyone know how to manually enter a DNS address?

When I log into the modem, the DHCP menu looks like this:

(I'm doing this to enter a DNS that will work with a Roku, since that device doesn't allow me to change the DNS settings.)

Beste antwoord door Martin 29 mei 2018, 11:25

It's not possible are hardcored in the bbox3.
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7 reacties

It's not possible are hardcored in the bbox3.
Would it be possible to use a third-party router and adjust the DNS on that router? Do I need to use the router that Proximus provides?
Or is there another router that Proximus provides that DOES allow me to enter a DNS manually?
Yes you can use a third-party router for this purpose
Thanks, Martin. I'll try that.
Martin, how do I use a 3rd-party router? I tried plugging in directly, that didn't work. I tried to disable PPPoE on the B-Box and that didn't work either.
have you set up a PPPoE session on your router, with the same PPPoE login (xxxxxx@PROXIMUS ) and password, as for the bbox PPPoE