Faster speeds for Ultra Fiber pack in 2024?

  • 8 November 2023
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Hello, iam using the 8.5/1 Ultra Fiber pack since available, there was some readings that said after January the fastest pack will be even faster, do you guys know what speed will it increase ? (i hope 10/10 down/up comes availble i dont understand why they did 8.5/1 speeds. they have 250gigabit servers i think?..i can get 8gigabit down and 1.5 gigabit upload even tho upload is faster than my pack, i hope they bring faster upload as well it will be great for my synology nas, i dont wanna switch to business for only 8.5/1.5 pack to have 500megabit faster), Thank you


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@Cemilaw We don’t have any information about this yet. If something will change, clients who have this Ultra Fiber will be informed by mail.