I am not happy about your piss poor customer service

  • 18 November 2021
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Placed order for TV, internet and mobile online, which requires ID to be submitted before it can complete, and also requested an EasySwitch from my current provider. TV and internet get installed, and received sims for mobile via the post. However, sims don't get activated after a couple of weeks, so I call helpline and get told it's because there's no ID. Not sure how this is possible seeing as you can't order online without it and I've already been sent the sims, but email it anyway, as advised. A few days later I get a letter saying mobile part of order has been cancelled, without any explanation as to why. Call up again, told there is a problem that the helpdesk can't sort out and another department will call me back. That was nearly two weeks ago. In the meantime, have also been sent an invoice for the TV and internet, and my current provider has yet to be cancelled. So I called up again today. There is now a complaint about my complaint in the system but the original one still isn't sorted out, and there is no way to escalate it directly. This is unacceptable. Until I get response and a satisfactory resolution, I will not be paying any invoices, so I suggest somebody who can sort my issue out contacts me shortly.

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Know that the moderators here are helpful, however, when you expect them to help, they should at least get some information about your identity.
Is your profile at least complete?
Do not write any personal data in this thread, please.

@Really In the meantime, it is best to fill in/complete as much private information as possible in your →  → Forum Profile, in the text fields marked "private", only proximus employees can view this info.
Finally, click on "save changes" at the bottom left.
In the text box "Ticket (Private)" you can put additional information.
So that the Proximus forum employees can continue with this as soon as they pick up the thread here, probably tomorrow.

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@Really This complaint is being treated through case id 49580548. The case manager has sent you an e-mail on Friday Nov 19. You can answer him directly. Kind regards, Antonella