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  • 18 December 2017
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Dont use this service, read the small print..........

My Phone died 2 weeks ago, so Proxiums sent me a (broken) replacement phone, after calling they told me I had to put in a claim to have the (broken) replacement repaired - so I did 😞

On Saturday (16/12) I received my (broken) repaired replacement phone in the late afternoon and it worked for 1 hour. I tried to call Proxiums Omnium Team but they dont work evenings and Sundays so I made a online claim (again).

No I just called to follow-up on my claim and a young lady told me I had to wait 2 or 3 days before I can make a further claim because DYNAFIX had not closed my file, I asked her to call DYNAFIX to manually close the file and open a new case but she said it was not possible (OMG) THE COMPUTER HAS TO DO THIS.

I have now just spent 19 minutes on the phone to DYNAFIX explaining what my problem was , they obviously asked me to contact PROXIMUS OMNIUM as I have the contract with them. But they did transfer me to T.Mobile OMNIUM Nederland who went above and beyond to try and help and even tried to call PROXIMUS OMNIUM but again they too got no further.

The moral : DO NOT USE PROXIUMS OMNIUM, they take your money and leave you in the cold..

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